TPC-301 Wired Headset for Grandstream Phones


The LucidPhone TPC-301 wired headset is compatible with Grandstream IP Phones.


The LucidPhone TPC-301 wired headsetĀ  is compatible with Grandstream IP Phones.

Key Features:

1. Monaural type
2. RJ9/RJ11 Plug
3. Broadband microphone, simply, plug and play
4. Direct connected and Dual-channel receiver
5. Built-in hearing protection circuit
6. Receiver size: Diameter 30mm; Material: Ferrite; Impedance: 150ohm; Sensitivity: 98db
7. MIC sensitivity: -48db; Impedanceļ¼š2.2k; Frequency response: 20-6000Hz
8. Wire length: 2.7m


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